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Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture is a specialist holistic treatment designed to improve the overall appearance and health of the skin by rebalancing the body's energy system. Vital energy is brought to the facial muscles and skin, which hydrates, firms and plumps tissue, thus decreasing the appearance of fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles. The treatment incorporates gentle massage to the face and neck to further enhance muscle tone and circulation. 

Acupuncture points on the body may also be stimulated to enhance health and well being of the whole body.

The course of treatment is between 6 and 10 consecutive weekly sessions. Each person responds differently to treatment depending on their age and lifestyle. The effects can often be seen after the first or second treatment, however they become more noticeable and lasting on or about the sixth session. Following the initial course of treatment, maintenance sessions are required to prolong the results. The effects can last for years with regular treatment.

This treatment has been featured on '10 Years Younger' and is the natural alternative to botox, fillers and cosmetic surgery. Unlike these invasive procedures, with acupuncture immediate gratification is not achieved ,however, there is no trauma and the treatment does not require recovery time.

It is very usual for patients of Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture to not only look great but feel fantastic too.

" Having been introduced to Sharon's work by a friend to sort out my wrinkles (I'm 66 years), I have found her facial acupuncture much much more than just smoothing out my face, which I now find looks 20 years younger and smoother. But most of all Sharon herself has helped me to become a more wholesome person in every aspect of my life. Not just physically, by curing my very stiff neck, sorting out my bowels and bladder and stomach, but by giving me confidence in myself physically and emotionally. She works on a very subtle but deep level and has become a part of my life now. I would not do without my fortnightly to monthly treatments. Sharon is always uplifting, inspiring and such fun. I highly recommend her." G. Steyning

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Combining Cosmetic Acupuncture with Natural Collagen induction/Derma Roller.


This is a rejuvenating treatment for sparkling health and a radiant glow.

It starts with a consultation covering general health and history and develops into a personalised plan to include a variety of techniques.


Acupuncture is used for strengthening and supporting the constitution and working on any immediate problems, derma rollers are used to promote collagen production and improve the appearance. Natural products only are used to support healthy skin and complexion and I complete the treatment with a Jade Roller massage, Gua-Sha massage and a full face lift massage. See below for a more complete step by step description of the various techniques

ACULIFT FACIAL; (75mins) 85.00

A course of 6 treatments 420.00 (saving 85.00)

This is a typical ACULIFT FACIAL Treatment Schedule. The exact procedure will vary slightly depending upon a persons needs:


1.The face is cleansed using a natural cleanser  (eye make up is not a problem but it is best if make up is kept to a minimum where possible)

2. Extremely fine cosmetic acupuncture needles are used where needed, to lift, stimulate and assist in erasing fine lines, jowls, sagging skin etc. A pre roller serum containing Panax Ginseng is now applied again this is an all natural product. Ginseng has been widely researched for its anti aging properties

3. The Derma Roller is now used. During treatment the dermaroller, which is a small, handheld device consisting of close to 200 microneedles, is gently rolled over the face in order to create multiple tiny punctures in the the layers of skin. Simply put these microtraumas activate the skin's natural healing processes and collagen and elastin are deposited as a result of the complex biochemical events of skin regeneration. Don't confuse this with the highly invasive medical derma treatments, this is stimulating but does not draw blood. A new roller from a sealed container is selected for each patient.

4. Following the derma roller comes the Jade Rollers. Traditionally Jade rollers were used to flatten wrinkles on the face and clear fluid congestion. Jade is an interesting semiprecious stone in that it remains cold while in contact with the skin and this allows it to help close pores and tighten skin. In modern understanding the rollers most useful function is that they increase lymphatic drainage. This refers to the interstitial fluid or the fluid that resides within the tissues. This fluid is responsible for providing cell nutrition and removing waste products and toxins. The lymphatic system has no pump to keep the lymph circulating and instead relies on muscle contraction. When this system does not function correctly there is a build-up of fluid in the tissues which can manifest as swelling and fluid retention in an area. The lymphatic system responds very well to manual therapy. This can be done in a variety of ways, one of the easiest and most affordable ways being with a jade roller massage. By improving lymphatic circulation you can provide improved nutrition to the cells in the epidermis and dermis you can also increase the removal of waste products.

5, The next procedure is the Gua-Sha, simply stroking the face with a traditional Jade Gua-Sha tool..Literally translated Gua-Sha means to scrape away fever and it is a traditional Eastern technique. In the context of this treatment it is used smoothly and gently to stimulate blood supply, promote lymph drainage and collagen production.

A Jade Gua-Sha tool is used for its traditional qualities and for its shape and smoothness. We can also use the shaped tool to target our attention along specific lines or areas of the face. We always use an organic massage oil with the Gua-Sha and it is important to start off gently because people have different responses. If after a few minutes there is no reddening of the skin then it will be safe to increase the pressure a little. Slight reddening of the skin is acceptable and in fact it demonstrates that the technique is working.

6, Finally a complete face lift massage is carried out and Anti aging serum is applied.

Most people report feeling totally relaxed physically but their face feels lifted, tightened and stimulated.

This is a non invasive treatment and you are able to carry on with your day without any redness or soreness.

The results are ongoing and the appearance of  your skin continues  to improve over the course of a few months.


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